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CalmFlight is now available at Westchester County Airport (HPN) and Danbury Municipal Airport (DXR).


Alan J. Strohmayer, Ph.D.
Founder and Developer

Dr. Strohmayer is both a behavioral therapist and licensed pilot. In addition, he is certified in stress management and biofeedback with 25 plus years experience.


Mission Statement

Our mission is to turn reluctant flyers into calm flyers. CalmFlight is designed to help business travelers overcome their problems flying. We provide a service to the corporate community that is specifically designed to accommodate their needs. CalmFlight focuses on business travel and the unique demands of the corporate client.

  Company Background

Flight was developed by Dr. Strohmayer when a colleague sought his help after a commercial flight through a thunderstorm made them reluctant to fly again.  By integrating the latest techniques available with his own knowledge and experience of flying, the program was developed. Dr. Strohmayer has personally helped nervous business travelers, from first timers to crash survivors, become calmer flyers.