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CalmFlight is now available at Westchester County Airport (HPN) and Danbury Municipal Airport (DXR).


Is the Fear of Flying Grounding Your Career?

Flight Can Help!

What is the problem?

They come with the territory; corporate jets, helicopters and commuter flights are a fact of corporate life. Many people do fine on large commercial jets but have trouble with these smaller aircraft or small airports. Some of us never liked to fly. Others had a bad experience that turned them off to flying. 


How does CalmFlight help?

The CalmFlight Program is specifically designed to help the business traveler take off.

You will learn to reduce the uncomfortable feeling that comes when you just think of climbing aboard. Special relaxation skills are taught and put into practice in a real airport environment.

Knowledge is power and we teach you about air travel. When you unlock the mysteries of flight and air traffic control you become more in control through understanding and experience.

You will acquire the tools to be a more fearless flyer no matter what type of aircraft you're in. We employ the latest technology together with time tested behavioral techniques to help you take off.

Programs are designed as a one-on-one training or small group settings.  

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