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CalmFlight is now available at Westchester County Airport (HPN) and Danbury Municipal Airport (DXR).


The most frequently asked questions about CalmFlight are answered here.  If you have other questions, please complete the feedback form.  We will respond promptly.

What causes fear of flying and how  CalmFlight can help.

While flying I am bothered by sensations like falling or feeling "out of balance." Why?

Answer:  Many people have strange sensations when flying.  When you fly, you don't have a visual reference for the horizon and this makes it difficult for your body to tell up from down.  In CalmFlight, you will learn exercises that will help you overcome these sensations.

Aren't people who are afraid to fly just afraid of losing control or dying?

Answer:  No. In fact, very few business travelers fall into this category.  The majority  are reacting to sensory misperceptions or exaggerated body responses.

I have good reason to be afraid to fly because I once had a bad experience.  How can CalmFlight work for me?

Answer: At CalmFlight we have helped all types of reluctant flyers, from first timers to crash survivors. CalmFlight works with you to define your needs and stays with you until you are comfortable flying.

How CalmFlight works.

Is CalmFlight a class or therapy?

Answer:  CalmFlight is a learning experience.  You learn about flying, about air travel and about your body's reactions to both. You also learn exercises to help control your body's responses.

Do I need to join a group?

Answer:  No. CalmFlight is available on an individual basis.

I would like to make CalmFlight available to my staff. Can it be done as a group instruction?

Answer: Yes. Although some procedures are best done individually, the main program can be accomplished in a group format.  The key to CalmFlight is adapting to the needs of the individual.

Where is CalmFlight available?

Answer:  CalmFlight is based in Westchester County, New York. CalmFlight can be provided at our site there, or can be brought to your company as needed.